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Art Installations & Curatorial Consultations

The Philosophy

Our installation teams assess each situation and vary their approach as required - and not a one-size fits all mentality. With Artist’s Eye Installations you are collaborating with artists and specialists with varied backgrounds that understand how one’s eye should move through a space. We can execute our clients’ visions to their ideals because we understand and know, through experience and staying abreast of current trends, how to achieve the desired look. AEI does all of this while operating with the highest standards of customer service.


The standard Process

Residential: Our installers begin with a walkthrough of each space holding the art to the ideal height — we then adjust based on the clients’ desires. Once the initial walkthrough is complete and heights have been noted, the client can sit back and relax with minimal interruptions while we get to work. With all customers, we deliver skilled precision and knowledgable suggestions, while respecting personal preference — after all, it’s their space to enjoy.

Commercial: Here is where our flexibility shines. Commercial spaces vary greatly, from individual office spaces to common area corridors, so we in turn work in a more fluid manner adapting to situations happening around us. Conference calls, meetings, lunch breaks are all factors we work around as our point of contact informs us to get the job done efficiently and professionally.

Curatorial Consultations

Curating a space is one of our favorite things to do. Whether it's a gallery wall full of family photos or the lobby of your office, presentation and placement is everything. This is where having an artist's eye becomes crucial. We are able to take in all the factors, such as lighting, available space, and prime viewing points, to optimize the placement of the art for a pleasurable experience. 

And sometimes you just need take it all down and freshen up your space. Art should be rotated to revive a space, the art, and the client’s experiencing of it. We'll shake things up for you - in a good way. We've given new life to art pieces that have hung in homes for 20 years, only to have them feel altogether new in a different room, mingling with other loved trinkets!

Give us a call to schedule a site visit and lets see what we can do!


2D Artwork, Wall sculptures, & Framed Mirrors

We assess all artwork and determine the proper hardware to support the weight and install using the least invasive methods. 

Cut Vinyl, Wallpaper/Vinyl Murals & Wraps

Artist's Eye installers are highly skilled and experienced with installing all types materials including vinyl, ceiling banners, wallpaper murals, floor graphics, large-format graphics and window displays. We specialize in seasonal graphic roll-outs. Our personal site visits are critical for accurate measurements and to determine the best materials required for our client's needs. 

Bring your walls to life in your business, home, museum or art gallery!

Why would a business choose Vinyl or Wallpaper over painted murals? Here are a few comparisons. 

Vinyl vs. Paint

  • Sharp photo quality Images
  • Large murals 
  • Clean Installs
  • Can be temporary or permanent 
  • No mess
  • Half the time as paint 
  • Museum Quality Installions 

Wallpaper vs. Paint

  • Sharp Photo quality images
  • Seamless Murals 
  • Permanent 
  • No mess
  • Half the time as paint
  • Museum Quality Installations 

Sconces, Curtain Rods, & Flat Screen TV's

These are just a few of the other items we hang for your convenience. Feel free to email us if you have another item you'd like hung that's not listed and we'll be happy to consult with you and let you know what we can do!