Art Installations

Our installation teams assess each situation and vary their approach as required - and not a one-size fits all mentality. With Artist’s Eye Installations you are collaborating with artists and specialists with varied backgrounds that understand how one’s eye should move through a space. We can execute our clients’ visions to their ideals because we understand and know, through experience and staying abreast of current trends, how to achieve the desired look. AEI does all of this while operating with the highest standards of customer service.


The standard Process

Our installers begin with a walkthrough of each space holding the art to the ideal height — we then adjust based on the clients’ desires. Once the initial walkthrough is complete and heights have been noted, the client can sit back and relax with minimal interruptions while we get to work. With all customers, we deliver skilled precision and knowledgable suggestions, while respecting personal preference — after all, it’s their space to enjoy.